Glass For Concrete Countertop

While concrete is an approximate surface, ornamental tile is shiny and smooth and provides a good, artistic contrast to your countertop. The great point regarding a concrete countertop is that it is cheaper compared to granite. These counters might be color-tinted with creative colours as well as inlays and have various textured feels.

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Glass For Concrete Countertop


Recipe: Beach Glass Countertop – Concrete Decor

But more than that, they are truly hundred % customizable. This keeps your countertop looking great and protects your investment. On the flip side, concrete countertops can crack from healthy shrinkage, and also attempting to patch them could make the fractures much more evident. As with some other kitchen surface options, concrete calls for a little quantity of maintenance and care to ensure its longevity and beauty.

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You can embed objects within the countertop with unique meaning for you or create amazing patterns. Additionally, one more characteristic of concrete will be the appearance of minor cracking of the surface. Granite has been employed for countertops and tabletops for a long time.

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