1 Inch Thick Concrete Countertops

You will probably need to hold off until the concrete countertop is completely cured prior to applying some stain. concrete kitchen area countertops are giving granite a run for its cash as the premiere kitchen area surface material. Built-in sinks, bleed dry boards, soap dishes and trivets are all easily integrated into concrete countertops and are often also cast from concrete.

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1 Inch Thick Concrete Countertops


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Concrete countertops made their debut into restaurants, retail establishments, and homes over a decade ago; however, they have grown to become more recognized in the last two years. You can actually return to nature and have a more natural feel to the home of yours if you decide on to go with this type of countertop.

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With concrete, on the other hand, you're merely confined to the creativity of yours and the artisan's ability to manipulate the material. An additional great thing about concrete countertops would be that since they're made with styles you are able to up the shape and put various other mediums introduced into the countertop. Any damage done to concrete is completely repairable, and made to look like part of the first design.

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