Laminate Countertop Edge Choices

Laminate countertops are susceptible to chips, dings, dens as well as other damage on the forward edge. When deciding on the proper countertops for the home of yours, three things you may want to consider are, how long-lasting they are, what amount maintenance they will require, and if your can fit your choice of countertops into the budget of yours. Laminate countertops have a nonporous covering.

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Laminate Countertop Edge Choices


Alternative options for countertop materials: Formica Ideal Edge

Painting laminate countertops can be rewarding in case you are doing it with patience and devotion. It is almost inevitable to end up with some contact glue on your newly resurfaced countertop. You can find various kinds of surfaces from sleek to textured; you are able to find patterns that strongly resemble metal, granite, marble, as well as wood for your countertops.

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Heavy objects combined with unexpected impacts could chip edges, for example shifting a microwave and accidentally dropping it onto the countertop of yours can possibly result in chips in edges. Hot pans, hair driers, sizzling recipes as well as other warm items should not be put on the laminate counter top part. There's a wide range in the color, texture and pattern of laminate counter tops we have today.

Types of Countertop Edges

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Laminate Countertops Englewood, CO Countertop Installation Cabtops


Laminate Countertops Hartson-Kennedy


IdealEdge® Decorative Edging




VT Industries Inc.

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