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By and large, installation will likely be accomplished by removing the old countertops and putting the brand new one. The hardness of granite is rivaled only by the hardness of diamonds. Installing it yourself is not recommended because if you create an error it will be very costly to correct. Often the granite countertop will come with a counter of its own to be installed on, or maybe you will need to purchase a counter on what to put in the granite slab.

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Blue Moon Granite Countertops


Granite Countertops & Surface Slabs in Wetumpka AL Kitchen Creations Inc

To obtain the best out of these countertops you have installed, you'll have to know a thing or even 2 about selecting, putting in and maintaining granite countertops. Calcite is a mineral that makes limestone as well as marble. The slabs of granite are extremely heavy, and if they are installed incorrectly they might cause severe damage.

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Moon White Granite – Gray w/burgundy pieces in it – Trying to work red into the backsplash

Granite countertops are reluctant to heat, stains, moisture, spills and scratches. You are able to clean your kitchen area countertops with a soft cloth soaked in any moderate detergent. The combination of color and movement ensures that no 2 countertops are exactly the same. Another option would be experiencing granite tile countertops. They're midway in both size plus cost too.

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