Maximizer Concrete Countertop Mix

Concrete can accommodate more of your imagined plans compared to any natural stone. Many concrete countertops are pre cast in models built to the customer's specifications. It should match the actual theme of the room and met the requirements of the way of life of yours. concrete is the most unique and personal countertop option since it's handcrafted for each customer.

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Maximizer Concrete Countertop Mix


Angelus Block Sakrete Maximizer High Yield Concrete Countertop Mix

Although they can be on the more costly side, concrete counters are much stronger than any other natural surface. Also, you are able to utilize a router, similar to those used on marble or maybe granite countertops, to develop edge styles. One of the main advantages of concrete is it's scratch proof and has high resistance to heat.

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The style overall flexibility that is inherent, combined with its relative value, offer counters crafted from concrete a leg up within the alternatives. Any time you visit the on the web and offline stores you will get floored by all the varieties available to the market. And yes it can be repaired so it is not noticeable.

MAXIMIZER® Concrete Mix – Sakrete


Sakrete Maximizer Concrete Architect Magazine


Sakrete® 65200016 Maximizer® Concrete Mix, 40 Lb


SAKRETE 80 lb. Maximizer Concrete Mix-65200007 – The Home Depot


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