Concrete Countertop Overhang

Although concrete countertops might be made to fit virtually any space, allowing them to be aren't your everyday diy jobs. From elegant and simple countertops, to countertops that include water features including running streams through the kitchen, to hugely huge monolithic concrete destinations.

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Concrete Countertop Overhang


Cast in place concrete countertops. 1.5″ – thick with waterfall

These specialized businesses often work like granite countertop fabricators taking your specific countertop proportions as well as generating the concrete countertop to the specific kitchen of yours. So if you had been to place a hot pan on the area, you would not need to worry as you'd with various other types of less hardy material.

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Concrete Countertop Cast In Place Forms- Commercial Bar Large Square Edge

Integral colors put color throughout the countertop, generating the middle of the countertop the exact same color as the surface area. Tinted concrete suits virtually any home decor. With concrete countertops & tabletops, you're not limited to which colors you can use. Simply because all concrete countertops are hand-cast, consequently, they exhibit subtle variations in color and texture. You also can add any special touches you would like at no additional cost.

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