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Granite countertops and marble countertops are thought to be the best durable material among the other natural stones. This's for the most part because etch marks are definitely the result of the marble corroding thanks to acidic substances, such as substance cleaning solutions or acidic fruit. Granite as well as marble are likely the most required pure stone among the builders and property owners.

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Marble Countertops Photos


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To repair those you will need to get rid of most of the dressing from the marble countertop of yours, by sanding it slowly using a dry sand paper or even dressing stripper. They can be easily mind out, and therefore are not difficult to work with and are surely in high demand for homes. If you store personal care treatments on the counter, usually position the bottles on a tray to stop stains.

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How to Clean and Care for Your Marble Countertops

At the same time, the nobility of marble shines through. But until you're ready to commit to a material prone to accidents, you'll wish to keep it safe in a lightly utilized area. The initial type of countertop is marble slab which are very expensive and this tends to keep going for the rest on the homeowner's lifetime.

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