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On the downside, wood countertops are not almost as durable as quartz. This added strength makes it unlikely for harm to take place in transportation, fitting, and in daily use. Due to its specific feature of being functional, durable and withstanding longer usage, the quartz is recognized to be more costly compared to granite countertops.

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Latte Quartz Countertop


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When you do not want to choose a stone countertop after this you might want to try getting a cork countertop. Don't pelt quartz counters with large diamonds as the countertop might chip. Engineered quartz could further be harmed by heat that is high so it's always recommended that the individual not put a hot pan directly onto this type of countertop.

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While it may seem that adding one example of these treatments will make your countertops look shiny for longer, as these items wear off, they truly cause the counter to look inconsistent and dull. Quartz counters may even service the kitchen of yours needs better than granite counters. Although the material is long-lasting, it's not invincible. Every woman invariably desires for the right kitchen.

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