How to Make International Calls with your VRS

For ZVRS Equipment: 

  • If the video caller wants to call internationally, they dial the international number they want to call.  The interpreter places the call and if the call goes through (the majority of them will) then they process the call, no charges are charged back to the caller. If the call does not automatically go through, then we require a calling card to place the OB International call.
  • If the video caller is international, then they have to pre-register with their default provider in order to use their VP to call back to the States.
  • CSDVRS also validated that the instructions for International on are still accurate for FedVRS/VRI.  If a Fed VRS/VRI customer has someone else as their default provider, as long as they have registered their 10-digit number for International Travel with their default provider, then a dial around call to the Fed Relay front door numbers should not be an issue.